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Janji x Kashmira: Artist Series


Janji x Kashmira: Artist Series



May 11, 2021


Amar Ramesh, photographer

Elise Hanna, photographer


Janji and Kashmira Baheti


Rajan Bala Venkatesan

Prithivee Rajesh

Each season, we collaborate with artists from the country that inspires our collection, and they help to develop the designs that adorn our kits.

For the Spring 21 season, we are stoked to present a series of vivid prints designed by Chennai native textile artist Kashmira Baheti. The prints represent the natural beauty of the junglescape that surrounds her hometown as well as the vibrancy and joy of daily life.

Follow Kashmira on IG @kashmirabaheti

I have been living in Chennai for about thirty years now.

In Chennai, one wakes up to the aroma of freshly brewed filter coffee, to the sound of Bharatnatyam dancers’ anklets, to the rustle of palms in the sea breeze.

What I like about Chennai, is that it is even in these times, a bit laid back. What is unique is that, the traditional life goes hand in hand with the modern times.

- Kashmira

Women sitting on the beach in Chennai, India.
Photo credit: Elise Hanna

Kashmira in her studio/apartment in Chennai, India.
Photo credit: Amar Ramesh

I have a natural affinity towards fabrics and prints, since I have been a amateur seamstress since a very young age. I have become a textile designer only seven years back! I studied and trained to become an engineer and a product designer. I have enjoyed being that too!

- Kashmira

Kashmira's sketch for the Nocturne and Pshycotropic prints.
Photo credit: Amar Ramesh


Chennai, India.
Photo credit: Elise Hanna



This floral pattern is based on a magnolia flower, or champaka — commonly known now as the joy magnolia and revered in Chennai, and around the world, for its incredible fragrance. According to Hinduism and Buddhism, sitting under a Magnolia Champaka tree is the place where one can reach enlightenment, while just a single champaka flower may be found in a South Indian home or ornamenting hair as a way to elevate the everyday with an uplifting scent.






This landscape design represents both the nocturnal energy of the jungle that surrounds Chennai and the daily energy of the city through a hyper-saturated, color vibrance. The background texture is designed to reflect earth and water, as Chennai's landscape can fluctuate dramatically between severe droughts during the dry season and powerful floods in the monsoon season.

A bustling seaport built into sandy beaches and surrounded by lush jungle, Chennai is a city of dichotomies that must find balance to sustain life into the future, including respecting wild spaces and preserving the environment. This print is a reminder to keep it wild, and that the mysteries of the natural world must be revered and protected.

Putting the apparel to the test in Chennai, India.
Photo credit: Amar Ramesh

Prithivee + Rajan running in Chennai, India.
Photo credit: Amar Ramesh



There is no bar to creativity in your imagination.

- Kashmira