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Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter.

The last few weeks have shed light on the continued horrific realities of systemic racism and police brutality that exist for Black people in America.


As a company founded by two white men, we know that we have benefited from more than a fair amount of privilege. While we will never understand the frustration and pain that Black communities have gone through, we know that our silence is unacceptable.


Janji was founded based on the core principle that water is a human right for all. Historically we’ve focused internationally, supporting organizations in the Philippines, Mexico, Cambodia and Bolivia over the last few years. With the recent spotlight on systemic racism here at home, we have found ourselves wondering how we can effect change in America. Currently 2 million Americans lack running water in their homes. Unsurprisingly this burden falls almost entirely on communities of color. Access to clean water and sanitation is a foundational element in any healthy, equitable society and in a country with as much wealth as ours it’s absolutely unacceptable that we’re not at 100% coverage.


Moving forward we will stay true to our mission of supporting clean water efforts both abroad AND at home. This starts with a donation to NAACP Legal Defense Fund in support of their Water/Color Project. Look for more initiatives from us in the coming months that bring our mission closer to home.


- Mike, Dave and the Janji team 

#blacklivesmatter #waterisahumanright