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Call to Adventure: <br>A personal endurance challenge

Call to Adventure:
A personal endurance challenge

2020, while many things, will be the year we learn to get creative in our search for forward momentum.

Introducing Call to Adventure — an initiative to dedicate ourselves to something larger than our daily runs, as well as to inspire and motivate one another to think outside the box and tackle new adventures in our own backyard...literally or figuratively.

Here's what to do

Come up with a challenging, but doable, endurance adventure (whatever that means for you personally - it could be 1 mile, it could be 100 miles) and commit to completing it by midnight on Halloween, October 31.

Bonus: By participating you'll be entered to win a $250 Janji giftcard.





We’ll be sharing community updates, photos, highs and lows, as we tackle these challenges and keep our heads and spirits lifted together.

More details below.







How to Participate



Think on it, research it, then choose your adventure.
Check out some examples.





Share your plans on IG with our downloadable Story templates.



Tune back in to see what other Janji community members are tackling on our map and on IG. 




Qualifying Criteria



Must be within distance of your locale (minimal travel involved)


It's got to be outside your home, no stationary movement.  


Get creative, no traditional race format (i.e. 5k or half marathon).


All modes of human-powered movement accepted, including a combo of the following: run, trek, hike, climb, bike, swim, paddle or ski. 


It should be tough but doable (it's meant to be a challenge after all!)


It should require some training and/or preparation; this is about the process as much as the end result! 


- “Completion” of the endurance challenge is the goal, it's not about a certain time or pace.


- Must be completed by the stroke of midnight on All Hallows Eve, October 31, 2020.












Accept the Call to Adventure

Filling out this form will enter you into a randomized raffle drawing to win one of two $250 Janji giftcards, dependent upon completion of your personal endurance challenge.





 *By filling out this field your email will be added to our newsletter list.








Check out the adventures the Janji community is tackling

Click the Janji logos for more info about community members' adventures. This map will continue updating as more people accept the Call to Adventure. 













Ski to Sea

A couple members of Janji Collective recently ran the Ski to Sea course in northern Washington. The 93-mile route starts at an elevation of 4,300 feet and finishes at sea level. While the Janji crew made a few route adjustments to accommodate an all-running challenge, the traditional race incorporates multiple modes of movement; ski, bike, kayak, etc. For your adventure, you can stick to running or feel free to mix it up! 






Document it! 

Snap some pics while training and when you're out completing your adventure. Share on IG and be sure to tag us @runjanji


Have fun with it!











Social Media Assets

Kick-off your challenge by sharing a couple details about your adventure and training/preparation with family and friends. Right-click to save/download (or long-press on mobile) your choice of template to use on Instagram Stories. Don't forget to tag us @runjanji on your IG post!



Template for social media with a gradient background and three categories; My Adventure, Location, Training/Prep