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Janji x Balega:<br>One-of-a-kind collab

Janji x Balega:
One-of-a-kind collab

Balega doesn’t do collabs. At least they have not until now. So it’s an incredible honor for us to present our first sock and the only official Balega collab.

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes scoop: Janji co-founder Dave and Balega co-founder Tanya go way back, and when they were chatting more than a year ago about Janji’s FW20 South Africa Collection, the idea was planted for an exclusive sock that would be made by Balega in South Africa. Fast forward to today, and we are excited to release the Janji x Balega Sock — an exclusive, no show version of Balega’s Enduro in Janji’s seasonal colors.






Far more than just an amazing running sock

As two brands based around a shared value of giving back through running, this collab is far more than an optimally-tuned running sock. The Janji team has long admired and been inspired by how Balega supports and empowers their communities, employees, and the disenfranchised through the Lesedi Project as well as additional programs serving both the US and South Africa.


By continuing to make a difference one step at a time, we will change our horizons and keep reminding ourselves that the path we will take is shared by many. Those we touch along the way will only one day testify to the spirit with which we ran our race.

- Balega




In the spirit of shared humanity

Our intent for the design of this sock was to represent the truly great unifier that water is for all of us on this planet. We wanted to reflect that spirit of unity through our wave watermark which appears as a “link” between the Janji and Balega logos and through the H20 Blue knit body that connects the seven distinct shapes underfoot (toe + heel included), symbolizing the landmass we all share and impact as runners. Run everywhere!