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Mt. Kenya FKTs: Bringing the record home!

Mt. Kenya FKTs: Bringing the record home!

Susy Chemaimak and Kenneth Kemboi each set unsupported fastest known times (FKT) on Mount Kenya.

A few weeks ago we introduced you to four Kenyan athletes, Joan, Susy, Kenneth, and Alfred, and their goals of setting FKTs on multiple Mount Kenya routes since their traditional race calendar and marathon training was upended due to the pandemic.


We are excited to report that on November 20, Susy and Kenneth ran unsupported routes up and down Mount Kenya — the tallest mountain in the country and second tallest in Africa — and set new women's and men's FKTs, respectively, on the Sirimon route. One down, two more routes to go!





These athletes are elite marathoners who have never run trail let alone attempted mountain summits. It's a serious undertaking but a great way for them to challenge themselves, push outside their comfort zone, and stay motivated during this time.



First, I know it is possible. Just getting used to this terrain. I have run and won races before. This is a bit different but very possible, I just need to teach my body a few things.

 Kenneth Kemboi

Kenneth Kemboi






Susy Chemaimak

Let them come and join us. I didn't even know the term trail. It is more than running. You won't miss a story to share.

— Susy Chemaimak















FKT #1 / Sirimon Out + Back Route, unsupported — November 20 2020



Sirimon route elevation profile






























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