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 MARCH 24, 2021




March 16, 2021



Introducing the #RunEverywhere Challenge on March 24, 2021

The #RunEverywhere Challenge is a personal commitment to challenge yourself to run everywhere (or use only human-powered transportation or public transportation, if you have to) over the course of a full day next Wednesday.

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#RunEverywhere Challenge Registration

- Wednesday, March 24 -


Running is more than a sport, it's a mode of travel.

We believe running is the best way to connect with ourselves, each other, and the world around us. Plus, it's an amazing way for us to lower our carbon footprint and reduce the impact that we have on the planet by relying on foot-powered movement instead of petroleum based vehicles. Even if just for a day, we can make a difference. But our hope is that this challenge lives on and becomes routine.

Will you join us for a dedicated day to #RunEverywhere? Read on to get inspired from two of our Collective members who are taking up the challenge.


Meet two Janji Collective members taking on the #RunEverywhere challenge

Meet Steven

My name is Steven Blais, I'm the founder and co-leader of November Project Providence, Janji Corps old-timer, leader of a run crew in Providence, and recently engaged human person committed to making the world a little better every day.



JANJI: Why are you choosing to run everywhere for the day?


STEVEN: Life is happening all around us, and getting to experience the sights, sounds, and feelings of it are something we often take for granted, or limit ourselves to doing for only a few miles at a time. And that doesn't even jump into the carbon footprint of it. Not driving anywhere for a day reduces my reliance on fossil fuels, and maybe can inspire others to do the same. Like Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world."



J: What are you looking to get out of the experience?

S: I think knowing that in a town where nothing is really nearby, I have the chance to experience a bit more of my home on foot, when really, I usually run the same places.  I'm hoping that this will let me see things in 3D, the people, the places, the litter, the beauty, and see how I can make my community better.  And it'll force me to slow down.  If I go get a coffee, I'm drinking that coffee before I run back.  So I'll ENJOY it, rather than having it nearby while working and drinking it as it gets cold.



J: What will be the most challenging?

S: Definitely it will be knowing that there isn't much "nearby". Even if I wanted to get a cup of coffee, I've got at least a mile there, and at least a mile back.



J: Anything else that you think could be interesting?

S: Our cities and towns are all so vastly different, with interesting pieces of art, homes, landscapes and architecture.  Getting to see them without the windows of a car, bus, can be life changing. I'm so excited to do it.

Meet Jordan

My name is Jordan, from Watertown, MA and I am an avid middle distance runner for Battle Road Track Club, as well as a creative writer.



JANJI: Why are you choosing to run everywhere for the day?


JORDAN: I am choosing to run everywhere for the day, first and foremost, because I love running! It's my favorite form of transportation. Generally, I set out to run each day as part of a specific routine, for the myriad of benefits it provides: goal achievement, physical and mental health booster, time for solitude and creativity. Choosing to run everywhere as part of something larger than a routine will be a challenge, and a worthy one. It provides the opportunity to get outside more, utilize running for its core purpose -- movement -- and of course, it allows me to have a lower carbon footprint than driving or taking the bus.



J: What are you looking to get out of the experience?

S: I hope to make a practice of running different places more often, and this could be the kickstart I need.



J: What will be the most challenging?

S: The most challenging for me I think will be planning ahead and figuring out ways to be resourceful. Weather could have an impact as well (March can be so fickle!).