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Universal Re/creation

Janji presents

Universal Re/creation

Featuring Justine Fédronic

Video: Apt31 Collective | Photo: Jess Barnard | Words: Janji

Artist + Field Team athlete Justine Fédronic explores her family's Caribbean roots and celebrates the French West Indies through nature, art, and running.

Letting go of professional running allowed Justine to rediscover her purpose and identity. Turning to nature brought inner peace and helped her see the many ways running and movement formed connections and built community.

She found herself reflecting on her childhood—on the time she spent on her grandfather’s farm in Le Carbet, Martinique.

Scan of an family photograph shared by Justine

Justine and her brother, Theo, looking through old family photographs.

Justine and her brother, Theo, resurfaced old family photographs and learned more about what their Caribbean ancestors experienced.

The deep exploration of her Martinican roots inspired Justine to re/create her memories of the island’s vibrant flora and fauna via woodcuts, watercolor, and cyanotypes (sun prints). Through trust and collaboration, Justine’s cyanotypes were translated into bold, vibrant prints seen throughout our Spring/Summer 2023 Collection.

This collection is a celebration of the French West Indies and the beauty of re/creation as a universal language. The artwork that came to life reflects the impact that humans and nature leave on one another and the importance of finding harmony in our relationship with our surroundings.

Art and movement are fundamental mediums that allow us to re/create ourselves, re/trace our path, to re/interpret our understanding of the world and our relationships within it. Nature provides the backdrop for these experiences.

Portait of artist Justine Fédronic

Photo by Simon Simard



Art and running have this beautiful power of connection through different cultures, languages and personalities. I wanted to be able to harness that to try to do something positive for the community that formed me to become who I am.

- Justine

Martinique during sunrise. Photo by Jess Bernard


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