Krama Bandana in Royal Checkered Fruit

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*special artisan project release*

These are not your typical bandanas. They are hand-loomed out of 100% cotton by dozens of Cambodian artisans across the towns of Puok, Kralanh and Phnom Srok in collaboration with the Angkor Handicraft Association (AHA) in Siem Reap. Each bandana is finished with hand screen-printed artwork, from our Phnom-Penh-based seasonal artist, inspired by the gestures of Khmer classical dance—this one means "fruit" or "coming to fruition."

AHA is a coalition that fosters and supports traditional Cambodian craftsmanship through the training and entrepreneurial education of rural artisans. And "krama" is the name of the multi-functional rectangular piece of fabric commonly used by Cambodians as a headscarf, face mask and yep, even bandana, among a manifold of other things.

We are stoked to support the amazing craftsmanship of traditional Cambodian weaving through this krama-inspired spin on the classic bandana. The Janji Krama Bandanas are super sturdy, made from plain weave cotton with a single-sided screen-print and will only get softer and better with each use.

    • Made in Cambodia by artisan weavers
    • 100% hand-loomed cotton

    Size: 19.5" x 19.5"

    Hand Note: Because these bandanas are loomed and screened by hand, some slight size and print variation may occur. The imperfections make them more special.  

    Customer Reviews

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    Exactly as advertised

    Soft, big enough to tie comfortably, and looks great

    Sooo flexible & sturdy!

    This Bandana/Neckerchief is quite wonderful. Rather than the cheesy, thin ones generally available, I appreciate the artfulness AND durability of all of these bandanas. I have used them for different applications: around my neck, my forehead, under a vase of beautiful flowers & as a beautiful gift wrap that lives on....I see many possibilities!


    So much better craftsmanship than your standard bandana, let alone how good it looks.