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Janji x Balega Crew Sock

Janji x Balega Crew Sock

Lightweight enduro running sock created exclusively for janji

    Star Cover
  • Cascade Mountain hello

Janji x Balega Crew Sock in Star Cover
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The Janji x Balega Sock is an exclusive, crew version of Balega's Enduro, featuring their signature V-Tech arch support and no-slip heel construction optimized for running comfort. Added reflective banding at the top and longer crew length makes this sock ideal for shorter, cooler days. Design inspired by our seasonal artist collaborator Christian Gering for integration into the Janji x Christian Artist Series Kits. Read more

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Contoured fit
Signature V-Tech arch support system provides a structured, secure fit that perfectly matches the contours of your foot without constricting it

Made of Drynamix®
The super soft, moisture-management fiber developed exclusively by Balega rapidly wicks away moisture

Extra breathable
Specially constructed, reinforced microfiber mesh ventilation panels keep feet cool + dry

Optimal running cushion
Lightweight cushion along the bottom of the foot delivers impact resistance ideal for short-to-long distances

Seamless comfort
Hand-linked, seamless toe maximizes comfort

Pull tab
High heel tab helps prevent the sock from slipping into your shoe + duals as a pull tab for easy on/off

Deep heel pocket
Reinforced, extra-deep heel pocket ensures a perfect fit to prevent blistering

Reflective band
Hi-vis reflective band at the top of the sock increases visibility in low light

Expertly crafted
Each pair of Balega socks is hand-inspected by quality inspection teams + pre-washed before packing

Premium yarns, advanced manufacturing
Balega running socks are manufactured with the best US-made performance yarn in state-of-the-art facilities in Cape Town, South Africa 

materials + specs

33g / 1.16 oz (pair)

Yarns milled in the USA
Sock made in South Africa


These socks are made in Balega’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, that among other environmentally conscious efforts, use a water recycling purification system that recovers up to 50% of wastewater in the production process to reduce water consumption.

All Balega packaging is printed on partially recycled pulp/board.

Learn more about our sustainable initiatives here.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Samaki K.
Wear it for: Running, Hiking
Product Fit: Spot-on
Not just for running

Purchased these for travel where I may also get some running in. The Belega Crew are warm for planes, trains and automobiles, work for business casual and then that evening I can run in them. Will be picking up a couple more pair.

Kim V.
Wear it for: Running, Everyday wear
Product Fit: Spot-on
Super cool socks

Love these cool looking socks. Fit just right and keep my feet warm all day whether I'm wearing my Docs at work or running in the snow in my Merrells. Just the right thickness for warmth and just the right length to keep my lower calves covered.

Thomas A.
Wear it for: Running, Cycling
Product Fit: Spot-on
Love these socks!

Fit is great, and they are great for running.

Tiffany L.
Wear it for: Running
Product Fit: Spot-on
Great socks for running!

Have ran ~50 miles in these socks. Great amount of cushion without being too much. Love the height for wind block during this winter season.

Paul C.
Wear it for: Running
Product Fit: Spot-on

Nice socks. I’ve done all trail running from 8-15 mile runs with temps 10-40 degrees C. No issues at all. May be a bit warm for summer running. Can’t speak for durability yet but seem very well made.

Lori J.
Wear it for: Running
Product Fit: Spot-on
Cushy not bulky

Looking for a longer running sock. Love the cushioning but they are still streamlined.

Martin B.
Wear it for: Running
Product Fit: Spot-on

Janji x Balega Crew Sock in Cascade Mountain

Wear it for: Running, Hiking, Camping, Cycling, Everyday wear
Product Fit: Spot-on
Balega x Janji = genius

More Balega crew socks please! These are so comfy and I love the newest blue color.

Ashleigh T.
Wear it for: Running, Hiking, Cycling
Product Fit: Spot-on
Great running socks

These socks are great for trail running! They're breathable and not made of heavy fabric, so your feet don't get too sweaty, but they are also durable. Also, comfortable and cute.

Katie S.
Wear it for: Hiking, Camping, Cycling, Everyday wear
Product Fit: Spot-on
Height: 5'0" or shorter
Usual Size: XS
Size Purchased: XS
Wonderful, Breathable Socks

I normally like to buy/wear Smartwool socks (for comparison) because I like the mid-foot compression, durability, and fit of Smartwool socks. My only complaint is that over time, because the material at the toes is thin my big toe will normally wear a hole through the sock. These socks have impressed me with their comfort and breathability and have a lot more padding near the toes, which adds comfort and durability to the sock. I'll be looking to see how they wear down over time. Despite the extra padding near the toes, they keep my feet cool because of the mesh over the top of the foot. They also look really cool and are comparably priced to smartwool socks (which are both expensive, but I like that part of my purchase through Janji contributes to clean water efforts).
My only complain is that Janji only offers one length of sock. I prefer to wear socks that only just come over my medial malleolus (had to look up that bony protrusion on my ankle); in the future I'd love it if Janji offered this length of sock as well because it would make me more likely to make Janji my preferred sock over Smartwool.