Introducing the Hokkaido Collection

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Subtitle Below: Fall/Winter 2023


Each Janji season draws inspiration from a different region of the world, where we collaborate with local artists and nonprofit water partners to create a collection with unique designs and a tangible impact.

Our Fall/Winter '23 collection is inspired by Hokkaido, Japan, an island of continually shifting landscapes and weather conditions. To ensure the highest standard of performance and durability, we tested the collection on trails across the world, on disparate paths bound together by constant change and transition: late summer becoming early fall, the hot sun turning to cool rain, and thick, shaded forests leading to wind-exposed peaks.

The artist prints and technical performance gear found in our Hokkaido Collection pay homage to thriving through adaptation. Tapping into the energy found at these changing thresholds, these flux conditions found at the edges of seasons, of geography, and of exploration, is transcendental.

Travis Smith
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