The Trail Runner's Handbook

A Field Guide to Classic Trails of North America

For the past thirty years, running has been a central part of Rickey Gates’s life. Whether it be in the competitive realm of racing or the obsessive realm of curiosity, or a mindful space of meditation, running has long been the primary medium through which Rickey has interacted with the broader environment around him.

In an effort to understand his country, community, and self, Rickey completed two unbelievably ambitious, back-to-back running projects: TransAmericana (2017) in which he ran across the entire United States, and Every Single Street (2018) in which he ran, street by street, the entirety of San Francisco.

His current obsession is to paint a picture of North America through trails. Welcome to The Trail Runner's Handbook.

"I prefer to be running in the mountains, but appreciate running the most when it is the movement that best allows an environment to express itself (to me)."