The Janji Field Team is made up of inspiring athletes who use running as a platform to explore, connect, and cultivate change. We’re proud to support these runners on their individual journeys, and we’re grateful for their guidance as they help us run towards a better future.

Ryan Montgomery

Ultra Runner + Community Organizer

Ryan Montgomery (he/they), who lives in Utah, is professional ultra-runner who loves to run far and fast. He’s a specialist in the 100-mile distance and loves the mental challenge that comes from ultras. As a well-accomplished queer athlete, Ryan community organizes to eliminate barriers for the LGBTQ+ community to access trail running and to find community. You can find Ryan drinking lots of coffee in the morning or jet-setting around the world for a running adventure.

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Rickey Gates

Conceptual Runner + Author + Guide

For the past 30 years, running has been a central part of Rickey Gates’ life. Whether it be in the competitive realm of racing, the obsessive realm of curiosity, or a mindful space of meditation, running has long been the primary medium through which Rickey has interacted with the broader environment around him. In an effort to understand his country, community, and self, Rickey completed back-to-back running projects: TransAmericana (2017) and Every Single Street (2018). His current obsession is to paint a picture of North America through trails. 50 of them. He currently resides in Sante Fe with his wife and two children.

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Cal Calamia

Marathoner + Inclusivity Activist + Poet

Cal (they/he) is a lifelong runner, health educator, poet, and sports inclusivity activist. They are transmasculine and have not always found their place in athletics, so they have mobilized to advocate for a running community that celebrates all runners. This summer, Cal became the first non-binary winner of Bay to Breakers and the San Francisco Marathon. Up next? More time outside, more miles, and more sports representation beyond the binary.

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Callie Vinson

Ultra Trail Runner + Body Positive Advocate

Callie Vinson wasn’t always a runner. In fact, she grew up despising it. But, thanks to a complete lifestyle overhaul that helped her lose 200 lbs, Callie discovered a newfound love for running, and all the places it allows her to explore. Now, she uses her story and experience to inspire others to chase their dreams, big or small, believing that running truly belongs to everyone.

Scott Traer

Ultra Runner + Coach

Scott Traer is a trail and ultra runner, and founder of RunFastah—an endurance coaching business. Scott grew up just north of Boston and then spent most of his 20s and 30s exploring the world through running, hiking, cycling and climbing, absorbing the array of cultures Earth has to offer. Outside of running, he’s also a huge fan of electronic music and stand up comedy. If you can’t find him running, you’ll find him dancing or laughing.

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Coree Woltering

Ultra Runner

Coree is passionate about East Coast running, coffee, and baking. At one point he ran 2:26 at Chicago Marathon, but he now much perfers longer, multi-day efforts. When Coree is not going for long walks in the woods, he is probably out searching for the best slice of key lime pie.

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