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We make high-performance running apparel for everyday exploration

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Two runners crossing a wooden bridge over a rocky stream in a lush green forest.
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Limited-run, global collections

Each Janji season is inspired by a different region of the world, where we team up with local artists and nonprofit water partners to create a collection with unique designs and a tangible impact.

A woman with a braided ponytail wearing a teal long-sleeve shirt and black leggings running on a forest trail, with ferns and dense woodland surrounding her.
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Responsibly + durably-focused design

First rule of sustainability — make something that lasts. Second rule — make it better. We are ambitiosuly working toward making things in the least harmful way possible.

A person from behind, wearing a black t-shirt with a distinctive white graphic design and a red cap, walking through a forest with tall, slender trees.
A smiling runner with a matching patterned sports bra and shorts set, accessorized with a cap and a wristwatch, jogging through a sun-dappled forest trail.

Seasonal artist collabs

We team up with emerging artists each season to cultivate the global artistic community and infuse your next run with the creative power that is the Janji Art + Movement Series — so you can kick out the JAMS on every run.

Two trail runners ascending a rugged mountain slope with loose rocks and boulders, one in a bright orange jacket and blue shorts, the other in black, against a twilight sky.
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Backed by our 5-year Guarantee

If a Janji product rips, tears, or breaks within five years due to any defect in workmanship or material, we promise to repair it, replace it, or give you store credit for it.

A runner refilling a water bottle from a clear mountain stream flowing through a wooden aqueduct, surrounded by lush greenery and moss-covered rocks.
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2% Give back

2% of all Janji sales are donated to our nonprofit partners working on viable clean water solutions in the places that inform each of our seasonal collections. We’ve given over $750,000 so far toward achieving the UN’s SDG #6 as we run towards a better path for all!

Two runners on a winding road in a serene landscape, with a backdrop of a majestic, snow-capped mountain and clear blue skies

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