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Multipass Sling Bag

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Multipass Sling Bag

Multipass Sling Bag

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How To Wear It One size fits most

Technical running sling bag with 2L volume, multiple secure pockets, and weather repellent fabric; adaptable fit + 2-way wearability. Read more

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Keep it organized

Two zip pockets, an expandable middle bungee compartment, and an internal drop-down envelope pocket plus key loop bungee allow for easy organization.

Cinch it down

A cross-body strap gives extra support in securing the Multipass and stashes away through a designated slot in the back pocket when not needed.

Stay seen

High-vis reflective daisy chain and reflective bungee zipper pulls provide visibility in low light conditions.

Wear it your way

Designed to function as a technical sling bag, the Multipass can also be slung across the front chest for more casual endeavors or as a fanny pack (which we like do when hiking)



Weather repellent
Lightweight ripstop body with durable water repellent finish (DWR) to shed rain + dry quickly

Lightweight padded support
Flexible honeycomb foam air-mesh back panel for breathable comfort and support

Pocket organization
Main zippered compartment has an internal key loop + drop-down envelope pocket for cash/card*

Concealed back pocket
Secondary back zip pocket easily holds a passport, phone and/or wallet out of view

Flex space
Flexible middle bungee compartment secures a jacket, sport bottle or other item with a stopper toggle

Adjustable fit
Dual adjusting, durable nylon strap with lightweight reflective bungee pulls provide a customizable fit

Extra support
A cross-body strap secures the bag for high-output movement + stashes away when not needed

2-way wearability
Can be worn as a sling bag across the back or front chest, or as a fanny pack

Hi-vis reflective nylon daisy chain + reflective zipper pulls

Pocket organization
Main zippered compartment has an internal key loop with a Nite Ize S-Biner Microlock® + drop-down envelope pocket for cash/card

*s-biner clip, key ring + keys are not included with the Multipass Sling Bag

materials + specs

Water repellent coated ripstop
PU coated 100% polyester ripstop

Nylon webbing straps
100% nylon

5.8oz / 166g

16.5” long x 6.25” wide x 4” deep

Volume 2L

One size fits most, adjustable

Bag made in China

Fabric Callout

Transit Tech

A lightweight, stretch woven with a durable water repellency — Transit Tech breathes, dries quickly, and resists wind and rain for truly versatile, cross-functional gear.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
Shannon Holman
Wear it for: Running, Hiking
Product Fit: Spot-on
Height: 5'4" to 5'6"
Usual Size: M
Size Purchased: M
A great little bag

This bag is comfortable to carry in both sling mode and fanny pack mode, and it holds a surprising amount. My one quibble is that I wish the key clip were on the opposite side, closer to the zipper opening..

Scott Tuscher
Wear it for: Running, Hiking
Product Fit: Spot-on
Height: 5'10" to 6'0"
Usual Size: M
Fanny's are back in, and this Sling Bag is no exception!

I love this sling bag, I literally just wore it on my 26.2 mile run. I ran the Portland Marathon last Sunday and I carried all my gels, keys, mask, and wallet; all on my back without ever bothering me. I train in it every day as well. I have a second Janji bag that I wear around town, that way I have one that isn't sweaty and one that is. haha. I've grown so accustom to having a place to hold all my things that it's just too good to not have anymore.

Jeremy Pulcifer
Wear it for: Hiking, Camping
Product Fit: Spot-on
Height: 5'7" to 5'9"
Usual Size: M
Size Purchased: M
Some minor nits, awesome overall

Great kit, love the size, the large main pocket, flat document pocket, and towel/wet stuff area. Nits: elastic zipper pulls are dumb; pull hard and they pull out of the knot. Static cord/tape instead. The main webbing belt is a little too soft, easily gets kinked and spun. The main pocket is a pretty dynamic material, which is awesome, but it makes it hard to open/close the zipper easily. Perhaps some stiff material along the zipper.
That's it for nits. I use mine all the time, love the retaining strap btw. Great kit, like I said!

Luisa Serrano
Exactly right

It’s the perfect size for carrying what I need on longer run/walks, and fits so comfortably I forget I’m wearing it. Very happy with this purchase!

Alyssa G.
Perfect for all activities

10/10 recommend this bag to everyone! Running, hiking, around town and everywhere else -- the sling bag is perfect for it all. LOVE all the different ways to wear it.

Heather White
Great Bag!

I have loved this sling bag since the moment I got it! It is great for all sorts of activities that require more storage while still having something that you hardly even realize you have on. While seeming small, this bag fits a lot into it!

Andrew Kounas
Outstanding product

I use this every weekend for trail running. It is perfect for carry my food, small first aid kit , phone and be free water purifier. I also able fit my dogs water bowl. It rides great and stays in place. Love it for my long runs!!!

Scott Gold
Great Multi-Purpose Bag

So I purchased the multi-pass bag for everyday use, really just need a more convenient way to carry my life around with me, pockets just weren’t cutting it any more. Although I have been an avid runner for many years and the design is meant as a running companion, I actually have not taken it out on the trails yet.

First impressions: price was great, exactly in my comfort zone for something that may be considered unconventional, so it was nice to feel like a made an appropriate investment. Color selection is rad, I went with the grey/blue color, but they have some other really awesome “earth tones” along with some fun patterns. Package arrived really quickly, and everything looked awesome when unboxing.

Using the Multipass Bag after a month: super convenient for every day errands. Easily fits my wallet, cell phone, mask, beard comb, car keys, and anything else I might need on the go. Multiple options for wear so you can sling it over your shoulder or clip around your waist. Strong sturdy clip, strap has some nice elasticity to it, but still firm and snug on my waist. Mesh backing makes this very breathable and cool whether you are running, or using for running around town.

Overall this is an amazing product. If I could make an improvement it would be with the design of the zipper. I believe it is meant to mimic the Janji logo (which is cool) but in practice makes zipping sometimes difficult. It tends to get caught where the zipper arcs, but this is a small drawback. Once you kinda get the feel, you are able close/open it fairly quickly. However a more fluid experience for zipping could be nice, especially when running as you don’t want to think too much and keep moving.

In summary, great pack for multiple uses. Excellent price and color selection. Can’t go wrong giving it a try and put in your rotation either for running or days out on the town.


I use this when I'm chasing my children around and I love it. It can hold at least five big pinecones and tens of special rocks. So far no holes and the sap washed right off. The strap is nice and thick and doesn't fold into my gut during frequent bending and scooping and squatting. Maybe someday I'll run with it. I'm sure it'll hold up to that more moderate activity.

Hannah H.
Exactly what I was looking for!

As a young female that often runs on trails without my partner, I wanted something that could comfortably hold my pepper spray and phone while I'm out there (I was also tired of keeping my phone in my only sports bra with a phone pocket). There's plenty of space in this thing, enough to hold a phone, ID, keys, pepper spray canister, small snack like some gel blocks, etc. and a soft running water bottle that I usually keep in my running vest. It doesn't jostle much at all when secured tightly and is comfortable to wear even when I'm profusely sweating. Even when it isn't as full as I just described, it doesn't really jostle and you might just have to tighten it a little more. However, without fail, I have a hard time figuring out the best/easiest way to put it on. I always get so confused but eventually, I figure it out and I'm ready to run! A structural complaint would be that the stretchy bands that are used to keep the excess straps secure sometimes move and let the straps flail during a run. I just quickly put them back into place, but that feels like a tighter band would fix the problem (idk though, I don't design outerwear). It's also really cute and convenient to use as an everyday fanny pack instead of a purse (or just awkwardly carrying all of my things in my hands) when I'm out and about. Overall, I rave about this pack and recommend it to anyone thinking about it. I'll have this baby for a long time and I'm really excited about it.