Picker: Polo, Trail Running Guide + Wellness Advocate

Pick Text: Thermal Zephyr Jacket - Even out at 14,000 feet elevation, this bad boy keeps me warm

Pick Link: ms-thermal-zephyr-jacket

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URL: /collections/gift-guide-polos-picks

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Picker: Justine, Artist, Educator, 2016 Olympian

Pick Text: AFO-Vent Multi Short - They have pockets all the way around. You can fit your car keys, your wallet, any little snacks you want. Your phone fits in the back. There's a Carabiner here for your keys. Great gift for any runner in your life.

Pick Link: ws-afo-vent-multi-short

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URL: /collections/gift-guide-justines-picks

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Picker: Morgan, Writer, Environmental Activist, + Trail Explorer

Pick Text: Runterra Bio LS in Seek Middle Ground - It's super cozy. I wear it every day.

Pick Link: ws-runterra-bio-ls

Collection: gift-guide-morgans-picks

URL: /collections/gift-guide-morgans-picks

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Picker: Andrew, Artist + Ultra Runner

Pick Text: Groundwork Tights - Kept me nice and warm this morning, and cool as the sun came out. They've got plenty of pockets, one in the back for my phone and a bunch on the sides for gels, headphones, keys, all the necessities

Pick Link: ms-groundwork-tight

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URL: /collections/gift-guide-andrews-picks

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Picker: Ashleigh, Indigenous Archaeologist, Runner + Climber

Pick Text: Groundwork Long Bra - I have it in every color, because it's SO CUTE!

Pick Link: ws-groundwork-long-bra

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Picker: Christian, Professional Mountain Runner + Multimedia Artist

Pick Text: Star Cover Crew Sock - The Star Cover socks are out of this world! In terms of comfort and style, they are from another star system

Pick Link: janji-x-balega-crew-sock-in-star-cover

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