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2023 Pants Breakdown

We design performance pants for running at any pace, across any terrain, in any weather condition. Here's a simple guide to find your perfect pair.

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Janji Field Team athlete Eavan O'Neill was recently diagnosed with Stargardt disease, a rare, incurable disease that causes progressive vision loss. Faced with her own blindness, Eavan laced up her shoes and started running.

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Janji Shorts Guide

We developed a ranking system to help you find the perfect shorts for all your running adventures. A complete, interactive guide is coming soon.

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Universal Re/creation

In crafting representations of the flora on her grandfather’s farm in Martinique — through woodcuts, watercolor and cyanotypes, or sun prints — Justine Fédronic's art evokes the fundamental yet delicate symbiosis between humans and nature.

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Introducing the French West Indies Collection

This season is about the connection of Nature, Art + Movement as powerful inputs into who we are as individuals and runners. Our newest prints and colors represent a bold, energetic homage to the vibrant Caribbean islands of the French West Indies.

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Creating Space

Janji Field Team athlete Cal Calamia will be running in the first ever nonbinary division of the Boston Marathon this April. Learn more about their fight to make space for every runner.

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Follow the H2O: The Lake that Disappeared

Janji Field Team athlete Polo Pavez headed down to Laguna Aculeo, once one of Chile's largest natural bodies of water, to run on the now-dry lakebed, exploring how it got this bad and pondering what can be done to prevent the same fate for other natural resources.

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Rediscovering Running

Janji Field Team member Justine Fédronic reflects on her journey of finding joy in running, on her own terms.

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Janji x Arwin: Artist Series

Using a traditional Batik technique, artist Arwin Hidayat created a print filled with ancient sea creatures. We talked with him about his inspirations and what Batik means to him.

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Running the Perimeter

Dillon Quitugua’s historic 100 mile circumnavigation of Guam was a part of his mission to reconnect with his heritage and inspire others to break down barriers.

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Run Commute Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia has some of the world's worst traffic. Run commuting helped these runners get past it.

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Follow the H2O

Join Bozeman Water Treatment Plant operator Calvin Van Ryzin as he runs to his water source in the Dion x Janji snowshoe collab

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Run All Day with our newest Field Team Member Justine Fédronic. "We had an epic day - breakfast on the terrace at my grandmas home in Pilisvörösvár with my brothers Márk and Théo, then headed through the town to the cemetery...

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A Janji short film featuring Christian Gering. The Janji team met up with Christian and his friends to capture live mural action and connect the dots between art, running, and everything in between...

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Find out when our upcoming Fall/Winter 2021 Collection is dropping + the inspo behind the season

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Finding water is not something you can rely on when adventuring in the desert. Although water sources, like Lake Powell, may be visible, they are often not possible to access. On this trip, Morgan water caches...

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Follow the H2O Challenge

Between June 17-30, runners across the globe are committing to use running as a way to connect with and cultivate awareness for the water they drink everyday.

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Follow the H2O Film

Join Janji, Aire Libre, and Isla Urbana on June 15th at 7pm for a live film premiere where we'll take a journey following the path of Mexico City's drinking water to its source. Panel discussion to follow.

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Day Zero

Getting up before sunrise, bringing a jug to your neighborhood pump, and waiting in line for your supply of water for the week isn’t everyone’s reality, but it is for many people worldwide.

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Janji x Kashmira: Artist Series

Each season, we collaborate with artists from the country that inspires our collection, and they help to develop the designs that adorn our kits. For the Spring 21 season, we are stoked to present a series of vivid prints designed by Chennai native textile artist Kashmira Baheti.

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We are continuing our series of tips for finding joy in the everyday, through running — this time we have a special Earth Day Edition of tips that have been sourced from all of you!

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