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Fastpacking trips can take place anytime and anywhere. A follow-up article will outline some of the best routes in the U.S., but in the meantime there are a few factors you should consider when choosing your route...

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Janji, Gossamer, COROS, Skratch Labs, Trail Butter, Sawyer, and Joe 'Stringbean' McConaughy want to help get you out on your first (or second or third) fastpacking trip, so we've put together a giveaway package of gear and nutrition worth $2000+ to get you going.

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Simply put, fastpacking is the merger between ultrarunning and lightweight backpacking. It's a niche sport that has garnered much attention over the last decade in response to athletes' desire to go longer, faster, and lighter - especially in the form of Fastest Known Time speed records.

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Meet Morgan—the newest Janji Field Team member. Morgan is a passionate public lands and environmental activist who devotes much of her writing and time to advocate, educate, and inspire others to help protect wild places.

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We believe running is the best way to discover new places and rediscover familiar ones. It’s our way to connect with ourselves, each other, and the world around us. Running is more than a sport, it's a mode of travel. Plus, it's an amazing way for us to lower our carbon footprint and reduce the impact that we have on the planet by relying on foot-powered movement instead of petroleum based vehicles.

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We are kicking off a new series of tips to finding joy in the everyday, through running. Think of it as a how-to guide, or manifesto outlining actions to take, things to acknowledge and ways to elevate the daily run routine and transform it into something more, something special.

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This ain’t no Bop-It, but it’s just as fun. Introducing our latest piece of outerwear and essential protective layer — the ultralight and ultra-deployable Zephyr Runner.

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Enough wishful thinking and back to our steadfast commitment to optimism, human potential, and perpetual forward motion. Instead of arguing to change up the routine, we are recalibrating our perspective on the daily regime to seek new paths of elevating, transporting and finding joy in the everyday, through running.

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Mt. Kenya FKTs: Bringing the record home!

We are excited to report that on November 20, Susy and Kenneth ran unsupported routes up and down Mount Kenya — the tallest mountain in the country and second tallest in Africa — and set new women's and men's FKTs, respectively...

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Skeleton Ahead:
Darryl Payne Jr.'s Olympic Dream

Sometimes our running journeys take us to places we don't anticipate. When you live in the hot state of Texas and have a background in sprinting, you may not imagine yourself competing on a sled, racing down a frozen track, but that is exactly where Darryl Payne Jr. finds himself.

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Janji x Balega:
One-of-a-kind collab

As an exclusive project for our South Africa Collection, we could not have dreamed of a better partner to team up with: Balega's well-proven running socks are made in South Africa, and as a company Balega shares Janji's core value of giving back through running.

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Discover the Rainrunner

Waterproof layers do not often equate to running comfort when you're hot and sweaty. We strategically designed our Rainrunner Pack Jacket to solve for this by integrating 360º venting around your core, where you need it most.

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Call to Adventure:
A personal endurance challenge

An initiative to dedicate ourselves to something larger than our daily runs, as well as to inspire and motivate one another to think outside the box and tackle new adventures in our own backyard...literally or figuratively.

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Black Lives Matter.

We support the movement against systemic racism and heinous racial injustice in this country. We are working toward listening, learning, and educating ourselves to make a difference...

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